Our Investments

AvidSys has developed an extensive mining and manufacturing Investment network incorporating Bankers, Equity Investors and Joint Venture partners.

Mining Off-take agreements are also available from time to time depending on staged development of a mine.

AvidSys believes, in order to secure a sustainable high quality supply of Iron Ore and Coal from the Australian and world market, it must participate at “Ground Level” to develop it’s own mining assets through exploration or M&A.

Having set up a fully integrated framework for M&A, mine operations and trading minerals, the next step is to expand and strengthen the product portfolio and work on continuous development in terms of supply chain stability.

AvidSys Group announced today that its metal & manufacturing division have signed a binding agreement to acquire atleast 50% interest in top-tier Indian merchant coke producer.

This major shareholding interest is a key element in the AvidSys Group’s plan to create an end-to-end enterprise supporting Indian and Australian growth.

Commenting on the investment, Anurag Kushwaha, Group Chairman said: “This agreement is an exciting step towards our strategy to create a fully-integrated, end-to-end business from raw materials through to end user of steel.”

This investment complements AvidSys coal trading activity and provides operational synergy with additional coal trading tonnages.

Completion of the transaction is subject to customary conditions and is expected to occur in the next quarter of 2018.

AvidSys has acquired REMSAFE - an industry leader in Remote Isolation Systems with technology patents around world major mining countries.

REMSAFE remote isolation systems operate electrical and mechanical isolators simultaneously in just seconds.

The isolation is initiated in the field by the person doing the work, so no need for specialised skills such as an electrician or fitter to isolate. Multiple isolators can be controlled per single system, all locked out in the isolated state at a single lockout point at the job location. The system is safety rated and fully compliant to the relevant regulatory standards, industry safety organisations and company isolation requirements.

The systems are easily adapted to your applications and will increase tool-time, productivity and safety, and decrease production costs.